How to choose Sunglasses

In the purchase of glasses, should choose good reputation of the big shops and stores, because these places have strict control of the quality of the goods, do not covet cheap go to some regular shop or stall to buy, because of the influence of the glasses is hidden, to find a problem, it may be too late. Miss Chen to remind consumers, in the purchase should especially pay attention to the following aspects:


This small brand often is ignored. In fact, the tag except tell you glasses production, also hide a lot of useful information, for example, you buy the glasses are sunglasses or light mirror, is the resin lens or other types of lens.


The lens is a pair of glasses of the soul, it will have a direct impact on the quality of glasses. There is a simple method to distinguish the quality of lens, is to take glasses to swing back and forth in the eyes, to see whether the object and the lens move together. If it is, that the lens is not flat, convex, belong to the unqualified lens. Of course, this is the plain glass spectacles for myopia sunglasses, if it can be less precise.

Producing tainted glasses now materials are mainly PC and polarizing four. The biggest advantage of PC lens material’s toughness, small heat expansion coefficient; polarized lenses due to filter the redundant light, make the object look very clear, because can resist the water reflection, especially suitable for fishing wear, but such lenses are not perfect, many drivers, too clear results, instead of driving when the line of sight. So in the choice of the lens material, should also ask more about.


In addition to leisure, entertainment, if it is to prevent ultraviolet, best buy, Ray-Ban Ray-Ban ash green, blue and grey shading effect of these real lens sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, not looking at nature color, especially suitable for car owners, not because of their influence on the traffic lights. Traffic signal resolution.

UV index

The sunglasses, UV index is a UV filter effect, is a very important standard, the vast majority of sunglasses UV index in 96% – 98%, dark lenses are better than light-colored lenses. In general 100%, UV index is unlikely, if manufacturers claim their sunglasses are 100 percent UV filter effect, that he might be false.

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