Protect your eyes under the sun

Experts remind that when they go out of the scorching sun, to be extra careful to protect their eyes. According to reports, tens of millions of people each year in the world’s lack of attention to eye, the sun burns the eyes. Approximately one-third of the permanent visual impairment.

To arouse the attention of people on the eye, some countries will be given in July to prevent the “National Eye months”, in order to draw attention to the eye.

Sun glasses can be a barrier against ultraviolet radiation on the human eye. So how do we choose sunglasses?

People buy sunglasses, you should consider whether it has the function block ultraviolet rays incident. UV rays can burn the cornea of ​​the eye, causing eye diseases such as cataracts, and even lead to cancer of the eyelid. In addition, the ultraviolet rays can cause the white of the eye tissue, such growths can eventually invade the cornea. When this happens, the person’s vision is blocked, obstacles removed through surgery.

Therefore, when buying sunglasses, the best selection of sunglasses that can block 99% or 100% UV incident. In general, good quality sunglasses usually are marked with data on the ability to block UV.

In addition, summer, eyes by UV burns of all ages, so everyone should be appropriate to do a good job in protection.

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